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California Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad credit home loans are available for residents in California. At Park Place Funding, we go the extra mile to find financing for our clients, regardless of credit status. If your credit has been ruined as a result of bankruptcy, don't give up on owning your home. We understand there are many reasons individuals find themselves in a bankruptcy situation.

It wasn't so long ago that if anyone had a poor credit rating, the prospect of getting a loan to buy a house was almost unheard of. Our team of real estate and loan officer professionals will work with you through many of our creative financing options to help you qualify for a loan. They know what it takes to enable you to recover from the status of a credit risk and to fully qualify for a loan.

California Bad Credit Home Loans Are Available
As your funding resource, we will listen carefully to your needs, and work with you to achieve your goal of owning your home. We work with lenders nationwide, and we have a large network of resources available. Our relationship with a wide selection of wholesale lenders puts us in a position to be your advocate for a bad credit home loan.

You can browse our Park Place Funding website and view pictures of each of our representatives. Each one has his or her contact number and email address. You can make a selection, or you can call 949-540-2300 for assistance. We have over 50 years of experience in wholesale lending and real estate.

Call Mark Gallagher today directly on his personal cell at (949) 540-2300 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.